Sunday, October 16, 2011

Naruto #559 "Reinforcements Arrive"

  So we end up with another issue of tie-ups, but there are some major developments that go along with it.  One is that we see more of Naruto's growth, as he states to Kimimaro that quality over quantity will determine the battle.  The most prominent development, though, is that we learn what Kabuto's trump card is: Madara Uchiha.  While I should be surprised, I kinda expected that "Tobi" wasn't who the series inferred him to be.  One clue was that Tobi kept the mask on long after it was "revealed" he was Madara.  But if not Madara, then who is "Tobi"?
#397, page 3

  The obvious answer would be Madara's younger brother, Izuna.  I believe that is too easy an answer, though.  For a while I contemplated who, other than Madara, Tobi could be.  The only answer I could come up with was Fugaku Uchiha, Itachi and Sasuke's father.  Way back in Chapter 397, "Tobi" nearly revealed his face to Sasuke, but Itachi had caused Amaterasu react to the masked man's face, so it's conceivable that he never saw Tobi's true face.  The images we've seen of Izuna show no crease marks under the eyes.  Fugaku's does.
  While preparing for a coup on the Leaf Village, Fugaku could've discovered that Itachi was a double-agent (or realized from Itachi that the village had planned to eliminate the clan), and realizing that a coup was no longer an option, instead welcomed Itachi eliminating the Uchiha's and disguise himself in the cloak of "death."  Otherwise, why keep the mask on when speaking of Kohona's history.
  One more clue in support of my theory of Fugaku being "Tobi," to date Tobi has only shown Kisame his face, possibly Zetsu, too.  the Amaterasu trigger in #397 only activated upon seeing Tobi's face, not the man himself.  This suggests that Itachi knows who Tobi really is, otherwise, how could the trigger activate?  It's conceivable that a Madara's image from the Valley of the End could've allowed Itachi to know Madara's face, but in light of this new information of Madara being dead, who else does Itachi know who could be Tobi?

    Of course, there is the question of Madara's eyes.  I believe that Fugaku may have been able to locate and retrieve Madara's eyes, causing the tome seen for Madara's eyes to be his also.  Of course, this is all speculation.  But maybe we'll see soon.

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